What are Connecticut Residents Called?

The great Constitution State, or the Nutmeg State, and even the Provisions State–has many nicknames to choose from. The state itself can’t even get its name down, so what are Connecticut residents called?

Since it was founded, Connecticut has undergone many advancements and improvements, and since 1951 has been dubbed the Land of Steady Habits since its inhabitants have a commitment to morals – exciting, right?

The Dictionary of Americanisms on Historical Principles gave Connecticut that unique name, and since then many more have come up in conjunction with it.

But, it may seem like one big group is being left out of all this naming – Connecticut residents!

So, what are Connecticut residents called?

image of nutmeg since people in connecticut are called nutmeggers.

The Connecticut State Library was way ahead of us and thought of a way to find out what people call Connecticut residents, or what they call themselves.

According to an old newspaper column by John Lacy for the Hartford Courant, several names for Connecticut residents have come about since the 18th century, a hundred years after its founding.

In 1993, Webster’s New International Dictionary deemed any person living in Connecticut who is also native to Connecticut, a ‘Connecticuter.’ Quite the mouthful?


Even the Hartford Courant has agreed this is the name for Connecticut Residents. So it appears, there are Georgians, there are Texans, and there are… Connecticuters.

While there are tons of other terms, they are not all the prettiest or easiest to say, but Connecticut is unique and so are its residents.

Since the state is so innovative, you know the natives of the area are, too. In 1702, way back in the day, Cotton Mather actually called Connecticut residents ‘Connecticotians,’ which sounds a bit cooler than Webster’s term.

The 1700s were the state’s early days, so it’s no surprise that people kept coming up with their own names and ideas.

Samuel Peters, in 1781, decided Connecticut natives should be called ‘Connecticutensians,’ which just seems like a fancier version of Mather’s 1702 word.


Then, given that we are the great Nutmeg State, of course, some people call our residents ‘Nutmegger,’ to hail the state’s nickname.

Which, by the way, came from Connecticut Peddlers who traveled through the state selling nutmegs, way back in the day of course.

While there is no official nickname for Connecticut residents, we still have our pick of quite a few options.

In 1945, we at least got called ‘Connecticuters’ by the U.S. Government Printing Office in the heavy newspaper days, so we have that going for us.

Some of the nicknames may test your pronunciation skills, but nonetheless, Connecticut residents have a name!

If you ask people from anywhere in New England what to call folks from Connecticut, they will likely say, “Nutmegger”.

People actually from Connecticut simply say, “I’m from Connecticut.”

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