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My name is Shelton Lively. I'm a resident of East Lyme Connecticut and I enjoy traveling all over my beautiful state, finding fun things to do so I can report back and make recommendations to my readers. Enjoy this website and enjoy Connecticut!

What are Connecticut Residents Called?

image of nutmeg since people in connecticut are called nutmeggers.

The great Constitution State, or the Nutmeg State, and even the Provisions State–has many nicknames to choose from. The state itself can’t even get its name down, so what are Connecticut residents called? Since it was founded, Connecticut has undergone many advancements and improvements, and since 1951 has been dubbed the Land of Steady Habits …

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What are the Best Beaches in Connecticut? – 10 Top Picks

best beaches in Connecticut pinterest image.

The great Nutmeg State of Connecticut is right along the coast of the Long Island Sound. This means there are so many beaches strung all through Connecticut that have calm waves, sparkling waters, and sandy shores. Even without the big waves, swimmers can ride the small tides and water activities are in abundance. Lots of …

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