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Are People in Connecticut Rude?

Ah, the Connecticut stereotype of the rude and the restless. Well, that may not be a thing, but we do know that Connecticut gets a bad rap for the temperament of its people.

With New Englanders having a reputation for being prudent, sometimes aloof, and a little tough, it is hard to break away from that stigma.

So, if you want to know if people in Connecticut are rude, you will definitely want to read on.

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A Plainville resident told the Hartford Courant that they don’t often talk to strangers on the street. When Conde Nast deemed Connecticut unfriendly, many had something to say about it.

The overall Connecticut attitude is pragmatic, so people visiting from the south or other states won’t see it as very welcoming.

New Haven’s attitudes are a bit better. They tend to be happier and smiling on the downtown streets, but that could be thanks to Yale and nearby universities, offering bubbly young co-eds.

So, back to Conde Nast. Their traveler edition ranked Connecticut’s Hartford capital city as the 3rd unfriendliest city in America. Yikes!

And New Haven was 5th, but this was back in 2014. So, maybe the times have changed.

They described the city of New Haven as very stuffy, and Hartford as a city trying to grow out of its 1980s era.

Sounds pretty harsh – and they think Connecticut is rude? Hmm.

image of 2 signs, one says rude and the other says polite.

Anyways, perception isn’t reality, so while Connecticuters may not make the best first impression, they deserve another chance just like anyone else.

People who grew up in Massachusetts and deflected to Connecticut told the Hartford Courant that the New England attitude takes some adjusting to, plain and simple.

It may seem rude to you now, but tomorrow, you may be singing a different tune.

We think it is safe to say that every state has different temperaments, and the residents all deserve to prove themselves and be seen outside of the whole state’s misconceptions.

The Hartford Courant does an excellent job of showcasing the real voices of our residents, that way we can always get a say.

So are people in Connecticut rude? I guess it’s up to you to find out!

While Connecticut residents will tell you something different, there is actually a legitimate poll of the rudest states in America – and Connecticut did not get high marks. conducted a poll and the results put Connecticut as one of the top 10 rudest states in the U.S. – #6, to be exact.

In my experience, having moved to Connecticut after living and working in a couple of states south of the Mason-Dixon line, is that people in Connecticut are, in fact, no more rude than anywhere else.

Direct? Yes.

Loud? My gosh, yes. Unnecessarily loud. I’m convinced there is state-wide hearing loss.

Rude, though? Follow the traffic rules and there’s nothing to worry about.

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