Is Connecticut a Bad Place to Live? The Pros & Cons

Is Connecticut a bad place to live? Well, that depends on any number of factors, but to definitively say it is a bad place to live is completely subjective.

Not everyone who lives in Connecticut feels the same way.

But, that doesn’t mean we can’t talk about why it may be a bad place to live, or a good one too.

And lucky for us, we’ve got plenty of data to sift through. So, let’s dive in and find out if Connecticut is as bad of a place to live as some people make it out to be.


Is living in Connecticut bad?

According to WalletHub, in 2021, data showed that Connecticut ranked as the 22nd best state to live in.

Essentially, it’s right there in the middle, with plenty of both good things and bad things about it.


It really depends on what you consider to be a bad state. The people? The economy? Gas prices?

Let’s take a look at some good and bad points to help us determine whether or not Connecticut is a bad place to live.

Cost of living

We’ve all heard about the cost of living being high in Connecticut, but what costs are people referencing when they make this claim?

What are the financial burdens of Connecticut residents? Let’s take a look.

Taxes. Connecticut has quite a reputation when it comes to taxes.


The income tax rate in Connecticut doesn’t crack the top 10 in the country, though. In fact, Connecticut has roughly the same income tax rate as states like West Virginia.

What about property taxes? We’ve all heard Numeggers are getting creamed on property taxes.

This turns out not to be completely true, either. While property taxes in Connecticut are certainly higher than in some states, plenty of states, such as Texas and Ohio, have similar property tax rates.

image of connecticut sign for is connecticut a bad place to live blog post.

Housing prices. Surprisingly, with all the negative attention Connecticut has received for having a high cost of living, housing prices actually fall in line with the national average.

That’s right – Connecticut doesn’t get anywhere near the top 10 states with the highest home prices.

In addition to the unbiased findings on the cost of living in CT, it turns out the state has the 4th highest median annual salary in the U.S.

Living in Connecticut won’t cost you an arm and a leg and you will get paid more, to boot.

So, where does the rumor of Connecticut’s high cost of living come from?

It likely stems from the fact Connecticut borders New York City – a famously expensive place to live.

When news and financial outlets gather statistics on CT, they generally focus on cities, like Stamford, that are close to NYC and are more expensive because of that fact.

If you look at this piece from CNBC, you’ll see that the information they sourced is not representative of the whole state.

The fact is, Connecticut has the 3rd lowest poverty rate in the U.S. So, it would seem that people are making it work.


Connecticut ranks the 6th safest state in the U.S. The state has low violent crime rates, as well as low property crime rates.


Connecticut ranks #23 in job growth – not impressive, but not embarrassing, either.

In 2021, however, Connecticut’s economy saw impressive growth. The state currently has the 2nd largest economy in New England.

This could be due to many factors, however, it should be noted that Connecticut is in the process of increasing the minimum wage. The end goal is $15/hour.


The wage increase does appear to be stimulating the economy and creating jobs, at this point.

In 2022, the minimum wage will increase to $14/hour and, finally, $15/hour in the summer of 2023.

You won’t hear many folks in Connecticut complaining about this increase.


Connecticut ranks the 2nd smartest state in the U.S. based on the percentage of people who graduated high school and the percentage of people who hold a bachelor’s degree or higher.


If you are looking to live around folks who can hold a challenging conversation, Connecticut isn’t looking too bad.

Culture & natural landscape

When weighing the pros and cons of living in Connecticut, it’s hard to ignore the quality of living.

Connecticut is famous for its beautiful scenery, stunning beaches, and amazing seafood.

There is also the uniqueness and “charm” of the Connecticut locals that one should consider.

Some of the colloquialisms are quite unique, as well as the Connecticut accent.


Connecticut, just like the other New England states, has 4 distinct seasons.

Coastal Connecticut, though, generally has less predictable weather patterns than inland Connecticut.

If you live anywhere in Connecticut, though, you can expect snow in the winter and sweat in the summer.


Connecticut is a Democrat-controlled state, though Republicans do hold significant strongholds within the local government structure.

For some people, their views on Connecticut are shaped largely by their views on the controlling political party.

Is Connecticut a bad place to live? The final answer

If you’ve read this far, you’ve gotten the facts – all the pros and cons of living in Connecticut.

So, is Connecticut a bad place to live?

It really depends on how you feel about what you’ve learned here.

For some people, snowy winters are a deal-breaker. For others, living in a blue state is a no-go.

It’s really just about what you, personally, are looking for in a place to live.

As long as you’re basing your decision on rock-solid facts, and not rumor and conjecture, you’ll make the right decision.

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