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What do People in Connecticut Say? Connecticut Phrases, Terminology, and Slang

People from Connecticut use some interesting phrases and terminology sometimes.

When you come to Connecticut, be prepared for not only the interesting Connecticut accent, but for some terminology and phrases you may not be used to.

Let’s learn about some things people in Connecticut say.

Interesting Connecticut phrases and terminology

Tag Sale

You can call it a yard sale or garage sale if you want, but up in Connecticut, those terms are not something you will hear. Folks in Connecticut use the term “tag sale”.

There are no tags on anything at a tag sale. They are just regular yard sales that are called tag sales.



If you’ve ever ordered an alcoholic drink on an airplane, you are familiar with those adorable little mini-liquor bottles the attendants pour from. You may have heard them referred to as mini-bottles or airline bottles.

We used up all our patience for syllables on our state’s name, though. The word “nips” is all we have time for up here.

The Packy

Package stores, liquor stores, and bottle shops don’t exist in Connecticut – you won’t hear those mentioned up here, anyway.

When referring to our liquor stores, we like to keep it short and sweet and just say, “the packy”.


What do you call a mix of meats and cheeses stacked inside a loaf of Italian bread? Surely not a sub or submarine sandwich, and definitely not a hoagie or wedge – not in Connecticut, anyway.

We call them grinders for some unknown reason.


Why use the whole restaurant name when people understand you just fine when you say you’re headed to the Dunkin on 166?

Image of Dunkin Donuts, a place people from Connecticut mislabel. One of many connecticut phrases.


Every town in Connecticut has an area that locals have designated as its “center”. Generally, this area is where you can find shopping and a post office.

Rarely is this area actually located in the center of the town.

Off Peak

Connecticut is not known for being an affordable place to live. Residents have learned when to get the best prices for train and bus fares, as well as fun events – and it isn’t peak season.


Connecticut is a pretty labor-intensive word. Connecticutians? It’s not happening.

Connecticut is the Nutmeg State, so we’ve chosen to refer to ourselves as “Nutmeggers”. Doesn’t that have a better ring to it?


The City

Many people in Connecticut travel to New York city regularly for work and play. It may not be our city, but it’s still referred to by Nutmeggers as “The City”.

The Sound

The Long Island Sound separates coastal Connecticut from Long Island, New York. Whether we’re being lazy or petty for not getting to name it, people in Connecticut take care not to say its full name.


Not enough emphasis can be placed on the fact people from Connecticut like to shorten phrases and words.

Call it Mozzarella if you want, but we just don’t have that kind of time up here.

Transfer Station

It sounds like somewhere you might like to visit, right? So, where are Numeggers headed when they are planning a trip to the transfer station for the weekend?

They are taking their junk to the dump. A transfer station is a waste-staging center.

Here’s a video of a few more words that mean something different to people in Connecticut.

What Connecticut phrases took you aback when you visited?

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