Is Connecticut Hot in the Summer?

If you’re considering a vacation or even a permanent move to Connecticut, you might be wondering if it’s hot in the summer here.

If that’s your question, we’ve got your answer.

We’re going to talk about whether or not Connecticut has hot summers, the average summer temperature here, which is the hottest month in Connecticut, and whether or not people use air conditioners up here.

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Does Connecticut have hot summers?

If you are trying to avoid hot summers, unfortunately, Connecticut can’t deliver on that.

If you are moving to Connecticut from the south, however, you will probably be pretty happy with the summer weather up here.

The average high for New Haven, CT is 82 degrees Fahrenheit in the hottest month of the year, July. The average high in Tampa, FL, for comparison, is 91 degrees Fahrenheit.

While this difference may not seem significant to many people, it is compounded by the fact that the high temperatures in many of America’s southern states, like Florida, extend over a 4-6 month period.

This is in contrast to Connecticut’s hot summer months, which are essentially only 2, June and July.

What is the average summer temperature in Connecticut?

The average summer temperature in Connecticut is 80 degrees Fahrenheit, taking the months of June, July, and August into consideration.

What is the hottest month in Connecticut?

The month with the highest average temperature in Connecticut is July. Humidity, however, continues to rise over the remainder of the summer and actually peaks in September, though the temperature starts to drop.

This can cause the air to feel warmer in August than it does in July.

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Why is it so hot in Connecticut?

While the average summer temperatures in Connecticut aren’t incredibly high, the humidity levels rise during the summer months, causing it to feel hotter than it really is.

This is especially true for Connecticut’s coastal areas, as air absorbs moisture from the ocean.

Do homes in Connecticut have central air?

This may come as a surprise, considering the summer temperatures and the high humidity in the summer months in Connecticut, but many, if not most, homes in Connecticut are not equipt with central air conditioning systems.

Though the rate of residents that report using central air conditioner systems has risen over the years, due to the change in climate, many Connecticut residents simply don’t feel the need to spend the money to install expensive air conditioning systems, only to use them for only a month or two out of the year in the summer.

As it stands in 2022, nursing homes are not even required to have central air conditioning systems in Connecticut, and the number of public schools with central a/c isn’t even tracked.

Residents of Connecticut tend to prefer purchasing window units over getting central a/c systems installed.

In our home, we store our window units in the attic and only use them for about 1.5-2 months out of the year.

Overall, folks in Connecticut don’t consider summer to be incredibly hot.

You’re likely to hear Nutmeggers complain more about the extended winter months than the summers up here.

During the summer months in Connecticut, folks are happy to take full advantage of the warm days with trips to the beaches, swims in the lakes, and plenty of hiking and other outdoor activities.

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