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Exploring the Norwich Rose Garden in CT

If you are looking for some spectacular summer beauty in the Eastern Connecticut area, the Norwich Rose Garden is worth a visit.

For fans of botanical gardens, this meticulously planned and beautifully manicured rose garden is a must-visit.

Also known as the Norwich Veterans Memorial Rose Garden and the Mohegan Memorial Rose Garden, this public, city-maintained rose garden is one of Norwich CT’s most cherished treasures.

image of norwich rose garden in mohegan park.

The history of the Norwich Rose Garden

Norwich Connecticut is referred to as the “Rose of New England”, and for good reason.

Some of New England’s most beautiful rose gardens can be found here.

This particular rose garden is the smallest of the 3 Connecticut rose gardens and was designed and planted in 1947 by Thomas H. Desmond, a landscape designer from Simsbury.

Its dedication occurred the next year in 1948 to honor the veterans of World War II.

Here, you’ll find over 2,500 rose bushes in over 140 rose varieties. There are benches to sit on and admire the roses, as well as a covered pavilion.

This is a great place to stop after a swim or hike at Mohegan Park. It’s well worth the visit on its own, though.

The Norwich Rose Garden is open to the public year-round and is free. No dogs are allowed here.

Tours are occasionally offered by the Norwich Historical Society, however, you do not need a guided tour to visit this garden.

Simply open the gate and come on in.

Where is the Norwich Rose Garden located?

The Norwich Rose Garden is located just outside Mohegan Park in Norwich, CT.

If you take the Rockwell Street entrance into Mohegan Park, you’ll see the rose garden to your left. Specifically, it’s located on the corner of Judd and Rockwell.

There are only a handful of parking spaces outside of the rose garden, however, the garden is rarely so crowded that parking is an issue.

If you find the parking spaces are all taken, roadside parking is possible.

image of yellow rose in the norwich rose garden in mohegan park.

When is the Norwich Rose Garden in bloom?

If you want to visit this garden when it’s at its most beautiful, the visiting window is rather short.

Early June is when the rose blooms are the biggest and brightest. The roses are beautiful all summer long, though.

The weather over the course of the previous months, as well as the summer, ultimately determines exactly when and for how long the roses bloom.

Roses of all colors are maintained here. From hues of bright yellow to the deepest reds, when the garden is in full bloom, it’s a spectacular sight.

image of norwich rose garden in mohegan park in norwich ct.

A professional photographer, I am not. Below, though, I included a dozen or so photographs from the rose garden.

This beautiful garden is a wonderful photography spot that makes it easy for even an amateur photographer to capture some great pictures.

The colors here are so vibrant and beauty is everywhere you look.

In the winter, the roses aren’t in bloom, but the snow covers everything but the bare, thorny bushes and thorn-lined trellises – it’s simply an amazing sight to see.

I hope you enjoy this beautiful rose garden as much as my family does. It’s truly a place of peace and beauty.

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