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Your Guide to Wadsworth Falls State Park in Middletown CT

Are you considering a trip to Wadsworth Falls State Park in Middletown, CT? If so, you have come to the right place.

This is one of our many favorite places to visit when we want to spend some time outdoors.

From swimming to hiking to visiting the beautiful Wadsworth Falls, there’s so much to do here.

I’ve gone ahead and put together some information you’ll find useful during your visit so that you can come prepared.

Let’s get right to it.

Image of people sitting on a rock near Wadsworth Falls waterfall at Wadsworth Falls State Park in Middletown, CT.

Where is Wadsworth Falls State Park?

Wadsworth Falls State Park is located in Middletown, CT on the Coginchaug River.

You’ll find it off Route 157 at 721 Wadsworth Street.

What is there to do at Wadsworth Falls State Park?

From hiking to mountain biking to swimming and fishing, there is so much to do at Wadsworth Falls State Park in Middletown, CT.

Below, I’ve outlined all of the fun things this park has to offer.

image of wadsworth falls in middletown ct.


If you’re looking for an easy but scenic hike, Wadsworth Falls State Park is your place.

There are 3 hiking trails to choose from here.

Wadsworth Falls Loop

This is the most popular trail in the park, as well as the longest. This trail takes you from the main entrance to the waterfall and back again.

Off of this, the main trail in the park, you find a blue marked trail. This blue trail leads you to Wadsworth Little Falls. (Not the park’s main waterfall.)

Laurel Grove Brook and Cedar Loop

This trail is relatively short and is considered an easy hike. Much of the trail runs along the brook, which is beautiful.

Wadsworth Mansion at Long Hill

This trail is only 1 mile long and the is generally quiet and not overcrowded.

Image of bridge at wadsworth state park in middletown ct.


The swimming pond at Wadsworth Falls is one of the most popular in the state.

Unlike many of the other swimming spots at Connecticut state parks, the designated swimming area is actually deep enough for adults to have a nice swim.

The beach has relatively soft sand and some pretty great tadpole spots along the grass line, which the kids always seem to enjoy.


Stream fishing is allowed at Wadsworth Falls State Park. The most popular spots for fishing here can be found along the stream near the swimming area.


Picnicking is allowed at designated areas at Wadsworth Falls State Park.

There are several picnic tables set up near the swimming area, by the stream, and near the main parking lot.

Mountain biking

Mountain Biking is allowed on the hiking trails. Hikers and mountain bikers should take care to be aware and respectful of each other.

Wadsworth Falls – the waterfalls

Many people visit Wadsworth Falls State Park just for the waterfalls. This waterfall drops a staggering 30 feet and its power is magnificent.

It’s a great spot to sit and relax, take pictures, or dip your feet in the water.

The main waterfall in the park is called Wadsworth Falls, or Wadsworth Big Falls.

Off the main hiking trail, you’ll find a short trail that’s marked blue. This will take you to Wadsworth Little Falls.

Wadsworth Little Falls is technically bigger than Wadsworth Big Falls, but it’s decidedly less powerful, hence the name.

Image of 2 people sitting on rock at wadsworth falls in middletown ct.

How do you get to Wadsworth Falls?

The first time I visited Wadsworth Falls State Park, I was surprised to find that the main waterfall is nowhere near the main parking area.

This was a little frustrating, as I wanted to see the falls after we went swimming, but nobody else was in the mood for a hike at that point.

You see, you can get to the falls from the main parking lot, but it’s a bit of a hike.

If you aren’t up for hiking, don’t worry. It’s just a short drive from the swimming area to the waterfall.

Where do you park for Wadsworth Falls?

If you’re planning a trip to Wadsworth Falls, but you’re worried that maybe there’s no parking nearby, don’t worry.

There’s actually a small parking lot very close to the waterfall. From the parking lot, it’s just a short trek to the falls.

Image of Wadsworth Brook with tree surrounding it in Middletown Connecticut.

Can you go swimming at Wadsworth Falls?

The pool at the bottom of Wadsworth Falls is not deep enough for swimming, but it’s a popular spot for wading.

During the summer months, you’ll find couples and families with young children cooling off at the bottom of the falls.

How much does Wadsworth Falls State Park Cost?

If your vehicle is registered in the state of Connecticut, there is no fee to park here.

If you’re from out of town, however, there is a $15 parking fee on the weekends and a $10 parking fee during the week.

Are dogs allowed at Wadsworth Falls?

Yes, as long as your dog has its rabies tags and is leashed, it’s welcome on the trails here.

I hope you enjoy your visit to Wadsworth Falls State Park in Middletown, CT.

It’s beautiful any time of the year and there’s so much to do here!

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