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Day Pond State Park -Hiking, Swimming, Fishing, & More!

Day Pond State Park is one of Colchester, Connecticut’s most cherished treasures – it’s beautiful and there’s so much to do here.

If you are looking to plan the perfect day at Day Pond or you’re curious about what there is to do here, this article is for you.

Day Pond is one of our favorite spots in CT for both relaxing and having fun – we visit the park all year round!

We want you to enjoy your time here, too!

imahe of lake at day pond state park in cochester, CT/

Where is Day Pond State Park?

Day Pond State Park is located in Colchester, Connecticut. The park spans approximately 180 acres and borders Salmon River State Forest.

This park is a bit off the beaten path, but there are a couple of signs for it on Route 2. If you take exit 16 and follow Route 149S for a few miles, you’ll see more and more signs for the park as you approach it.

image of bridge at day pond state park in colchester ct.

What is there to do at Day Pond State Park?

There is plenty to do at Day Pond State Park. It’s an outdoor lover’s paradise!

Here are the activities welcome at the park. Below, I’ll go into each one in more detail.

image of day pond state park in Colchester CT.


The hiking at Day Pond is considered easy to moderate and there are 4 trail options to choose from.

These trails are popular for hiking and running in the spring, summer, and fall, but they’re also great for cross-country skiing and snowshoeing in the winter months.

  • Salmon River Trail Loop from Comstock Bridge

This trail loop can be a little crowded toward the beginning, due to the fishing and sightseeing at Comstock bridge, but the hike gets more peaceful further down the trail.

There are some rocky parts and steep inclines on this loop, but overall it’s not bad at all.

There are some small waterfalls as you go along, which are nice.

  • Salmon River Trail Loop from Day Pond

The Salmon River Trail Loop from Day Pond is my favorite out of the 4 since we enjoy the swimming area so much.

The hike is fairly easy and takes us about an hour and a half (with kids). From this loop, you can easily stop off at Day Pond Brook Falls, the main waterfall of the park.

image of Day Pond Brook Falls at Day Pond State Park in Cochester, CT
  • Day Pond North Loop

The Day Pond North Loop is considered moderate and can be a bit challenging as it’s poorly marked and is sometimes a bit overgrown.

There are falls that can be accessed along this loop, though, for some nice scenic breaks.

  • Day Pond to Salmon River Trail

The Day Pond to Salmon River Trail path is considered moderate in difficulty and is well marked at the beginning, but can get a little overgrown as you make your way to Salmon River.

The last leg of the trail, though, is really nice because it has you walking right alongside Salmon River.

image of picnic area at day pond state park in cochester, Connecticut.


Day Pond has a small, but lovely swimming area for kids. It’s roped off and shallow within the boundaries.

My daughter is around 4ft and she can touch the ground with her head out of the water at the far end of the roped area.

The sand is soft and more beach-like than what you will sometimes find at pond and lake beaches, which is nice.

It’s always a good idea to check the state’s water report before visiting if you plan on swimming.

Also, there’s no lifeguard on duty here.

image of swimming beach at day pond state park in colchester ct.


Fishing is allowed at Day Pond. It’s actually some of the best pond fishing in the Colchester area.

The pond is stocked with trout and is rarely busy, even on the weekends.

It’s a great place for some peaceful pond fishing, or you can take your gear down a ways to Salmon River for something more exciting.

Make sure you’ve got your fishing license before you come – the park rangers are very on top of their jobs here.

image pf picnic area with grills at day pond state park in colchester ct.


Day Pond is a great place for picnicking. There are open areas with picnic tables surrounding the pond and covered picnic shelters that can be rented out for special events.

There are a few picnic tables with nearby charcoal grills across from the swimming area.

There’s great fishing on the shore near these tables and also from the large rock that juts out into the pond.

It’s always nice to have your picnic set up right there where you’re fishing.

Horseback Riding

Horseback riding is allowed in all state parks in Connecticut, however, there are certain trails that are approved by the CT Horse Council.

At Day Pond, the recommended trail starts at Comstock Bridge and ends at Day Pond. The yellow diamond marked trail on this map is the suggested route by horse.

There you have it – a run-down on what to expect at Day Pond State Park!

This is such a special park. It’s so beautiful and it’s almost never crowded, which we love!

Enjoy your visit to Day Pond!

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