2024 -10 Top Kids Spring Break Activities in Connecticut

If you are looking for some fun Connecticut Spring Break activities for your kids, look no further.

We’re parents and we know what’s good here!

From dinosaurs to trains and exotic animals to Alice in Wonderland, there are plenty of amazing kids’ activities for Spring Break in Connecticut to choose from on this list.

Let’s get to it!

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When is Spring Break in Connecticut in 2023?

Spring Break in 2022 for public schools, as well as many private schools, in Connecticut, is from April 18th through April 22nd.

Most children are off school for Good Friday, as well.

Counting weekends, that put Connecticut children home from school from April 15th through April 24th.

That’s 9 whole days that we parents need to plan activities for!

Since your Easter plans have likely already been made, we’ve taken care of the rest for you.

You’re welcome.

10 awesome Spring Break activities for kids in Connecticut

1. Children’s Museums

Children’s museums can be a great way to keep kids busy and having fun. Many of these places are also pretty educational.

It’s kind of a win-win for parents.

Here are some amazing children’s museums in CT for you to check out this Spring Break.

Kid’s City is currently requiring reservations. So, if you want a spot, you need to get on the website and reserve one before they fill up for the week of Spring Break.

The Niantic Children’s Museum is small and best suited for younger children. It’s great, though, because there are lots of other things to do in that area, including a walk along the Niantic Boardwalk and a stop at Gum Drops & Lollipops, a favorite ice cream shop of the locals.

If you are looking for a place to spend the whole day, The Connecticut Science Center is where you want to be.

They have 4 levels of educational fun along with a Subway restaurant, so you don’t have to leave for lunch.

image of outdoor play area ta the niantic children's museum.

2. Alpaca Farms

I know – alpacas were the furthest thing from your mind when you started reading this article.

They are so furry and full of personality, though, and kids just love them!

Alpaca farms generally offer tours and give kids the chance to pet the animals.

Most alpaca farms also house other types of farm animals, so there will be plenty to see when you visit.

Also, springtime is when farmers sheer the alpacas to collect their fur and to help them keep nice and cool during the summer months, so you never know…you might just get to take home a souvenir of alpaca hair.

Click here for a list of Connecticut’s most awesome alpaca farms!

image of alpacas in Connecticut.

3. Playgrounds

I know what you’re thinking. You are already planning on spending plenty of time at the playground during this Spring Break.

Why limit yourself to your local playground, though? Why not mix things up and try out some of these options?

Interested in discovering even more of Connecticut’s best playgrounds?

Click here for a list of the 15 best playgrounds in Connecticut!

image of a playground in Connecticut.

4. The Dinosaur Place

If you haven’t been to The Dinosaur Place at Nature’s Art Village yet (or recently), it’s worth a visit this fine Connecticut Spring Break.

Here, you’ll see close-to-life-size dinosaur replicas as you walk along the trail through the woods.

There’s plenty of information on dinos and dino-themed activities along the way.

There’s also a humongous playground at the end of the dinosaur trail.

So, parents can sit down and rest while the kids get the last of their wiggles out.

The concession stand near the playground may or may not be open.

Don’t worry, though, because there’s a walk-up restaurant right across the street.

5. Arcades

Even though the weather is supposed to be super nice most of the week this Spring Break, some parents like to strike a balance of indoor and outdoor activities.

Taking a trip to one of Connecticut’s awesome arcades can be a lot of fun for everyone in the family.

If you have older elementary-age kids and teenagers, they’ll definitely appreciate you for this one.

Click here for a list of the absolute best arcades in Connecticut!

image of joysticks at connecticut arcade.

6. Lake Compounce

If you live in Connecticut, you’ve likely heard of Lake Compounce. It’s basically a Connecticut treasure.

Also, it’s essentially our only amusement park.

Why not seize the opportunity this Spring Break and go there? Lake Compounce has plenty of rides, shows, food, and shopping.

It’s not just for older kids, either. They have plenty of rides and other fun things for toddlers and preschoolers to do, as well!

7. The Beardsley Zoo

This so is the most popular in Connecticut – and for good reason. From tamarins to tigers, Beardsley Zoo has so many amazing animals to see and learn about.

They also have plenty of interactive, educational exhibits that your kids will enjoy.

Tickets have to be purchased prior to your visit. So, don’t forget to hop online and pay before you make the drive.

8. Mystic Village

Mystic Village, if you aren’t familiar, is a small gathering of shops and cafes in Mystic, CT.

Kids love it because it’s a bit of a novelty – you park outside of the village, then walk around and see what there is to do.

Our favorite Mystic Village destination is Alice in the Village, an Alice in Wonderland-themed tea and cake restaurant.

image of alice in wonderland, featured image for alice in the village post.

9. The Mystic Aquarium

Another Mystic destination for Spring Break in Connecticut is the Mystic Aquarium.

This one is a little pricier than the others on the list, but it’s definitely worth the visit.

Beluga whales, penguins, seals, sharks, and just about any other sea creature you can think of can be found here. There are also plenty of live shows to entertain you and the kids.

There’s also dining on the campus. So, if you get hungry, there’s no need to leave – just eat a quick bite and get right back to the fun.

image of seals at mystic aquarium, one of the fun things to do with toddlers in ct.

10. Flamig Farm

For toddlers, there’s nothing more fun than visiting a petting zoo. If you are in the West Simsbury area, or you’re willing to make the drive, Flamig Farm has one of the best petting zoos in Connecticut.

There are plenty of other activities at the farm, as well. It’s definitely worth the visit!

image of child feeding sheep at flamig farms in ct.

There you have it – 10 great Connecticut activity ideas that will keep you and your kids busy this Spring Break!

Have a great time!

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